The Venus Factor Diet Plan Book Review

The-Venus-FactorAre you a woman? Like to lose at least 10 pounds? The Venus Factor is guaranteed to help you lose weight quickly. And it will do it where you need it the most.

It will also help you keep it off for good. It’s scientifically proven to work. Were you aware that it’s harder for women to lose pounds compared with men? If you have the desire to lose up to ten pounds in less than 10 days, keep reading!

The Venus Factor Diet Review

With the Venus Factor, you can eat meals you crave but still lose weight. And you will understand why foods that are considered healthy may actually increase your weight. You will not have to deal with exercise machines, restrictive weight loss plans, or a long line of bad genetics. You’ll also understand that what works for men doesn’t necessarily do the same thing for women.

The Venus Factor Diet Plan Book Review
There is one master hormone which contributes to your ability to lose weight or gain weight. That hormone is known as leptin. If you your body has high levels of leptin, it speeds up your metabolism. Low levels make your body store fat. Believe it or not, women have twice as much leptin as men. However, they have less success at losing weight. As unfair as it sounds, there’s a valid reason for it.

Women are three times less response to leptin signals. The reason for this is called leptin resistance. The female body has demands in relation to child bearing. Your body wants to store energy to insure the well-being of the subsequent generation. So, when you diet, you lose twice as much leptin as men, so it causes your metabolism to slow down, even when eating practically nothing.

If you’re wondering why it’s painstakingly hard to lose baby weight post-pregnancy, you now understand one of the main reasons. And you should know that it’s not your fault. The female body was intended to do it.

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So, you do have much more leptin compared with men, but it’s not properly being tapped. There is a way to make your body use leptin more productively. It’s called metabolic override, and the Venus Factor shows you some extremely earth-shattering ways to do this. The Venus Factor is one of the only systems that helps you to increase your metabolism, even if your time is limited, if you have terrible genetics, slow metabolism, or a thyroid condition.

The Venus Factor is not a celebrity diet, nor does it require difficult restrictions. And it doesn’t just give you temporary weight loss. The Venus Factor works with your metabolism instead of against it, and it’s been proven with thousands of women. Your energy will soar, and you will finally have the body you deserve.

The Venus Factor will demonstrate food tricks that will keep your leptin levels high. It will also show you the one vital nutrient that most women are missing. You’ll also discover an odd herb proven to accelerate female fat loss by markedly increasing leptin sensitivity.

This program is not a gimmick diet. If you would like to have a bikini-ready body without causing harm to your metabolism, and if you would rather not sacrifice your favorite foods, it’s a plan that you should look into.

The Venus Factor is very affordable. You get the program, workout videos (less intense and much shorter than for men) that help you lose weight quickly, and time-tested solutions that are designed especially for women. The program indeed works for women. And you can do the exercises from the privacy of your house. No trips to the gym are necessary.

The cost is a one-time payment of only . That’s less than the cost of a tub of protein powder! Plus, you get a 60-day unconditional guarantee.

Everything you’ve done up until today hasn’t worked. With this program, you will feel alive, vibrant, and full of energy. You will burst with anticipation each morning to see what your bathroom scale reveals. Switch on your fat burning switch now!


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