Tacfit Commando -Navy SEAL Training

It’s been a while since we posted any further reviews of Tacfit Commando, but my girlfriend and I have been using the product for a few months now. WE ABSOLUTELY LOVE IT.

I’ve worked out on and off for a long time, but the problem is that I always end up taking breaks and regressing. I’ll play sports for a while or get into a routine where I go to the gym several days a week, then Boom!, something comes up in my life (work, vacation, etc.), and I end up not working out for a month or so. Then, when I finally get back into a routine, it takes me another month or 2 to get back to where I was.

This program has largely solved that problem for us. Even though we went on vacation for a couple weeks, we were still able to keep doing the workouts, since we didn’t need to go to a gym, and also because the workouts just don’t take up that much time. For me, this is definitely the biggest benefit.

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Navy Seal Training

If you didn’t read my earlier posts, Tacfit Commando is Scott Sonnon’s workout program that he also uses for Navy Seal Training. The program is a bodyweight workout system that focuses on all aspects of fitness, including strength, stamina, and power. If you want to see what a Navy Seals Workout is really like, this program is the closest you’ll get without enlisting.

If you’re like me, you’ll love this workout not just because you respect who the Navy Seals are and what they do, but also because they’re always in incredible physical condition that not only looks good but also enables them to perform.

Bodyweight Workout

As I mentioned above, the biggest benefit for me is that Tacfit Commando requires only my own body weight, which means that I can do this workout anywhere and any time. This is also important because it means that at least some of the focus is on explosive movements. As I’ve noted before, I want to be fit and look good naked (don’t we all), but I also want to be strong, fast, and generally more athletic. Those are all qualities that I’ve improved upon since starting to use this workout.

Honest Review

I don’t know Scott Sonnon (I’ve never met him), but his workout program has really impressed me. I was fairly out of shape when I started, since I had taken a lot of time off from pretty much any physical activity. However, Tacfit Commando was awesome because it let me start at my own pace, yet it has remained challenging and seems like it will continue to do so. I’m pretty much drenched after every workout.

That’s another thing. If you’re thinking about getting this workout, make sure that you’re the type of person who is willing to actually do the workout, at least a few times a week. Scott’s training is not magic. You can’t just watch it from your couch and get more in shape. The training is easy in the sense that it’s relatively short and can be done anywhere and anytime, but you’re going to sweat and be tired afterwards.

If you are the type of person who dreams of and actually intends to work to get in amazing physical shape (the kind of shape that will get you TONS of stares at the beach), this is the program for you. By the way, Scott also offers a bunch of cool bonuses!

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tacfit commando packageNavy Seal Workout

If you search the internet for muscle-building, weight-loss or other fitness programs, you’ll undoubtedly find millions of courses and suggestions. Consequently, it’s hard to know what to believe and particularly hard to know what works. I had this experience for a long time, getting varying results with various programs but never really getting into the shape I wanted to be in. (I’ve always wanted to look good at the beach but also to be strong, athletic, and generally able to perform when necessary).

With that in mind, it occurred to me one day that there was one particular group of people who always seem to have the physique, strength, and athleticism I want.

Navy Seal Training

Tacfit commandoPretty much every individual in the military is forced to get in fairly good physical condition. However, Navy Seals (and other special forces) – on average – are in perhaps the best shape. This is what makes the military special forces training programs so incredible.

They had to create a training program that could turn ordinary men and women into toughened soldiers ready for combat at any given notice. In other words, these men and women don’t just look good; their bodies are highly functional.

Body Weight Workout

Men and women in the special forces do occasionally lift weights. However, the Navy Seal Workout is designed largely to be a body weight workout, so that Navy Seals can train whenever and wherever they need to. For you and me (who aren’t in the military special forces), this has the added benefit of being low in cost since no gym membership or specialized equipment is required for the exercises.

Much of the workout consists of combinations of fairly traditional exercises such as swimming, running, push-ups, pull-ups, and sit-ups. The training gradually builds up momentum, requiring participants, week after week, to complete more numerous and more difficult exercises. Besides being very low cost, this also means that anyone can start this type of training (even if you’re really out of shape) and gradually progress.

By using just your own body weight, these simple and cost-free exercises can build strength and endurance in just a few weeks. In a few months, this training can build an individual into a chiseled machine.

Benefits of Navy Seal Workout

Besides being low-cost and good for any fitness level, Navy Seals Training also has a few other great benefits. First and foremost, instead of just building muscle and burning fat, this type of workout also builds endurance and strength, which makes you more functional in every part of your life (sports, daily activities, etc.).

Moreover, since very little equipment is involved (most exercises utilize your own body weight), you can perform the workouts at any time and any place, meaning that travel and vacation are no longer good excuses for not having worked out recently.

Tacfit Commando – Navy Seals Workout!

So we (my girlfriend and I) just bought Tacfit Commando, and we’re pretty excited.  So excited, in fact, that we decided to write about our experiences with the program.  Let’s just hope that we’re not disappointed in the end.  So far, so good.

Tacfit Commando is a program (designed by Scott Sonnon) that effectively replicates a Navy Seals Workout.  My girlfriend and I really love working out in general, so we’re always looking for a new challenge.  Neither of us have chiseled physiques yet, but we’re confident that we can get there.

However – and this is what we really like about Scott’s program – we don’t just want to look strong, we also want to be strong. We want to be able to do various stunts and acrobatics, play sports better, but also just be more functional in our every day lives.

jumpingSo far, here’s what we like and don’t like:

1. Body Weight Workout – The entirety of Tacfit Commando is a bodyweight training program. Now, we have gym memberships, but we don’t always have time to go to the gym, since that’s an excursion by itself. Being able to do a workout using only our bodyweight is super convenient, yet also pretty exhausting.

2. Intensity – One of the coolest things about this workout is that it’s not one-dimensional in terms of intensity. The workouts are broken down into different ‘sophistication’ levels so that you can make each exercise as intense as you want (or at least as intense as you can manage).

3. Easy to Follow Vidoes – Scott actually guides you through each entire workout, just he like he does when he runs his Navy SEALS training programs. Apart from being cool, it makes the entire workout very easy to follow and understand.

4. Short – Honestly, there’s a part of me that doesn’t like how short the workouts are. Sure, it’s convenient, and sure, I’m exhausted every single time, but I sometimes want Scott there in my house to push me even harder.

So far, we think this is a very worthwhile purchase. We’ve already noticed (after just a few weeks) a significant improvement in strength and stamina, and we’re still excited about reaching the fitness levels of Scott and the Special Forces that he trains.

Scott has already trained over 3,000 people with this program, and we’ve read a bunch of testimonials, so we’re apparently not the only ones who have benefited.

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